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We’re on Il Sole 24 Ore!

19 January 2023

We’re on Il Sole 24 Ore, the most important Italian business magazines :

January 18th, page 21: Varese, leader enterprises in the new development models.

SYNCRO GROUP. Automation project for the plastics, food and chemical industries.

Playing between the terms “local” and “global”, Syncro Group defines itself as a glocal company .
“We are a global structure, but at the same time capillary. We act on international scenarios but having the care and attention typical of a close relationship – explains Gabriele Caccia, founder, president and CEO of Syncro – The Group is composed of six complementary companies, closing the circle of the Circular Economy: Syncro auxiliary devices for plastic extrusion lines, Plantech-CST custom designed systems for material transport, Plasmac machines for recycling post-industrial waste, AceLabs quality control systems, Eur.Ex.Ma Laboratory& Pilot lines e Sbdry systems for the treatment of raw materials”.
With the entry of the last three companies into the Group, the “Zero Waste Myssion” is realized, that minimizes the consumption of energy and raw material creating a unique synergy to label its products “Planet Approved ”.

“We are a growing reality with a defined mission because we believe that every small gesture is a step towards a sustainable future for generations to come”.

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13 October 2022

During the K-Show 2022, EUR.EX.MA will be proud to show the new benchtop granulation line: the Microex UW.

This line is characterized by an underwater cutting system and a Microex extruder with conical screw, capable to replicate the efficiency of standard size extruders and, therefore, to process every kind of polymer.
Screw and barrel are realized in nitrated steel, useful to avoid corrosion and wear problems.
Moreover, the configuration of the cutting system makes Microex UW one of the smallest underwater lines in the world.

Like all the other Microex lines, this one is capable to perform extrusion tests with minimal amounts of materials and reduced energetic consumption.
These features make Microex UW an essential tool to perform quality tests for new color and compound formulations with low cost.

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19 - 26 October 2022

EUR.EX.MA will be present also in this edition of the K-Show of Düsseldorf, for the first time as a member of Syncro Group. The ambitious project of all the members of the group is to supply a wide range of products useful to reduce sharply industrial and energetic waste deriving from extrusion process, as well as to supply equipment for plastic recycling and bio-sustainable materials development.

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19 - 26 October 2022

We are pleased to announce that during the K-show of Düsseldorf, that will take place from the 19 th to the 26 th of October, the new benchtop injection moulding line Micro Mould will be officially presented.

The new line of the Microex series allows to EUR.EX.MA to widen the range of laboratory benchtop lines with an innovative solution. In fact, in addition to the extrusion lines, will be now available also the injection moulding process.

Micro Mould , composed of a mixing extruder and an independent injection chamber, is undersized compared to the other injection moulding lines available in the market and is an optimal solution to perform quality control with minimum material and energy consumption. Indeed, the installed power is 3 KW and it needs a simple single-phase plug to work.

This line, in fact, is capable to create pieces of a few cm with all the kinds of thermoplastic materials, virgin or recycled. Moreover, since it is an ‘all-electric’ line, it is an ideal solution for medical and pharmaceutical tests.

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22 July 2022

We are pleased to announce that we joined Syncro Group, successful Italian company located in Busto Arsizio (Varese), specialized in the supply of automation systems for extruders, recycling lines, quality control, defect detection and material handling systems.
Syncro Group is present in more than 50 countries, with 7 production plants and branches in USA, Brazil, China, Japan and India.
Eur.Ex.Ma joins the other firms of Syncro Group, such as Plasmac, Plantech-CST and Acelabs.
Our entry into the group, finalized as part of the project “ZERO WASTE MYSSION”, will bring in the Syncro Group a significant contribution in pursuit of the objective to supply high quality products in line with sustainability principles, such as waste and environmental pollution reduction.
Eur.Ex.Ma, thanks to 25 years of experience in the extrusion sector, will share with the other partners of the group its know-how and engineering skills in the sector of pilot and lab extruders.
Eur.Ex.Ma lines, in fact, thanks to their small size and limited consumption, represent an optimal solution to perform quality tests on biopolymers and other resins and polymers with low environmental footprint, as well as recycled materials.
Eur.Ex.Ma extruders perfectly fit the other products of Syncro Group named as “Planet Approved” products, such as defect detection systems and handling material systems on recycling and washing lines.
The collaboration with Syncro originated from a common objective: continuous innovation to reach a high technology level and satisfy the different needs of customers, with a particular focus on R&D and circular economy. -

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Ready for Compounding World exhibition, 29-30 September 2021

28 September 2021

You will see our MicroEx Cast machine in operation for the production of Monolayer film.
It is very compact and can be placed on a laboratory table to perform quality tests.
The screw has a diameter of 17.5 mm.
Processed materials: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PA, PMMA, TPU, EVOH, EVA, Biopolymers.

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New Twin Screw Extruder - Model E-Lab 22

24 July 2021

E-Lab 22 twin screw extruder processing TPE compound, final test before delivery.

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Model MB300 - MeltBlown Extrusion Line

23 July 2021

Model MB300, MeltBlown extrusion line, producing 260 mm width, 25 g/sqm, 10 kg/h, for R&D application or small batches production.

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First tests for a new 3-Layer blown film line

15 June 2021

First tests for a new "MiniBlown K3A" 3 layers blown film line, producing asymmetric PA/PE film for shrink bags application with UBE Polyamide and Coesive L600F.

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