XTR-series Extruders are available in different versions, in order to fit with different processes and downstream.

XTR standard version, with low base stand for blown film applications, or with high basement for different applications such as extrusion of cast film, sheet, pipes and profiles.

Screws diameters are available from 20 mm to 120 mm. 

The different screw profiles enable the process multiple types of polymers; in sizes 20, 25 and 35 mm; often used in our pilot plant or for laboratory use, the gearbox is sized and customized to allow the extraction of the screw from the back of the extruder, making easier the cleaning operations and the possible replacement of the screw.

XTR-WR, XTR extruders with screw and cylinder made in order to have greater wear resistance, especially if used to extrude recycled and mineral filled materials; the cylinder is bimetallic and made of special steel, the screw is made of special steel with coating.

XTR-D, XTR extruders-series with degassing port, atmospheric or with a vacuum pump connection.


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