MINICAST 25, machine for the extrusion of cast monolayer film for laboratory use, single-screw extruder XTR series of 25 mm screw diameter,  head with adjustable lips,  200 mm. width, Chill roll and winder with torque motor, available in two versions, standard and "S" with chill roll 3-cylinder, with rotation inversion, that, with the adjustment both in position and in height is able to be used as chill roll or as a traditional calender, for the extrusion of foil up to 2 mm.

Suitable to the extrusion of film and cast in polyethylene, PE, ABS, PET, PLA, TPU with the possibility of assembling screws with different profiles, with the screw extraction system from the back of the extruder, drastically reducing the time of screw exchange and cleaning. Standard touch control panel 10 ", it can reach a production capacity of 20 Kg / h.


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