EUR.EX.MA at K-SHOW 2022

19 - 26 October 2022

EUR.EX.MA will be present at K-Show of Düsseldorf first time as a member of SYNCRO GROUP!
The ambitious project carried out in collaboration with all the members is to supply a wide range of products useful to reduce sharply industrial and energetic waste deriving from extrusion process, as well as to supply equipment for plastic recycling and bio-sustainable materials development.

EUR.EX.MA will show different laboratory extrusion lines for quality control of polymers, compound, masterbatch and recycled materials. These lines can perform quality tests with minimum material consumption and energy needs.

During the exhibition, we will show you some models of our MICROEX line:

  • Microex Cast, benchtop laboratory cast film machine
  • Microex Blown, benchtop laboratory blown film machine
  • Microex SP, benchtop laboratory melt spinning machine


Furthermore, we will introduce for the first time two new machines that will broaden the range of the MICROEX benchtop line.

The possibility to perform quality tests with low costs and waste, as well as to analyze and select post-industrial and post-consumer recycled plastic, perfectly matches the objective and the philosophy common to all the members of the Syncro Group: the “ZERO WASTE MYSSION”“.

We invite you to visit our booth to discover all the new technologies and applications of EUR.EX.MA and SYNCRO GROUP products. We will show you how to face all the upcoming circular economy challenges.
(stand Syncro Plantech-CST, AceLabs, Plasmac)

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