MICRO TFM has arrived! Try out Thermoforming in a "MICRO" way

26th February 2024

We are happy to announce the MICRO TFM, the new entry in the EUR.EX.MA Benchtop Product Line, designed for the thermoforming process.

Produced as a response to the growing demands for materials testing, this machine is the ideal solution to conduct quality tests on thermoplastic formulations, both virgin and recycled, with low waste and energy consumption.

Through the application of a mould, MICRO TFM can thermoform samples of objects of various shapes and sizes, such as trays, coffee capsules, containers, etc. Based on customers' requests, additional functions such as counter mould and pre-blowing system can be applied. This way the experimental possibilities of this machine are incremented.

The use of a vacuum pump makes it possible to shape the leaves to achieve the desired shapes with accurate final dimensions. The presence of an infrared oven allows temperatures up to 250°, making it possible to process samples with thicknesses greater than one millimetre and with a maximum surface area of 140 mm x 140 mm. In addition, various processing times can be programmed according to the characteristics of the formulation to be processed, with a maximum limit of 200 seconds. Finally, through the action of an electro valve, the thermoformed part is cooled down and then removed from the mould.

EUR.EX.MA has always been specialized in the manufacture of Lab & Pilot Solutions designed for laboratories and R&D departments operating in various thermoplastic materials processing fields. The MICRO TFM represents the latest addition to the benchtop machines line with unique characteristics, such as compactness, ease of use, and, most importantly, the ability to perform quality testing with minimal waste of energy and materials.

EUR.EX.MA product lines follow the “ZERO WASTE MYSSION” philosophy, a broad SYNCRO GROUP project that aims to minimize waste and to make the production process of thermoplastic materials more efficient, promoting both sustainability and respect for the environment.

To receive more information about the new MICRO TFM and on the other MICROEX lines we invite you to contact us by using the form hereunder. We will be glad to answer all your questions and curiosities.

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