EUR.EX.MA's first time at NPE2024! Visit Us to discover our MICROEX line!

23rd April 2024

SYNCRO GROUP USA is ready for NPE THE PLASTIC SHOW, which will take place from May 6th to May 10th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This event is the main gathering for leaders in the plastics industry from all around the globe. SYNCRO GROUP USA looks forward to welcoming you in HALL A, BOOTH W580, a space entirely dedicated to the Syncro Group companies, which have been collaborating synergistically towards sustainability and the Circular Economy for years.

One of the participating companies will be EUR.EX.MA, which since 1999 has been designing and manufacturing customized Lab & Pilot Solutions to meet every research center and R&D department type of need for the experimentation and development of new thermoplastic polymer formulations.

At NPE, it will showcase the MICROEX line, a series of benchtop machines for extrusion that are ideal for the quality control of recycled materials, masterbatches, and additives. These machines are capable of simulating various extrusion processes using small quantities of material with reduced energy consumption.

Specifically, on the stand, you will be able to see two machines in operation:

  • MICROEX CAST, a benchtop machine for cast film, that allows the testing of a wide variety of polymers and is particularly suitable for preparing samples for subsequent mechanical and optical tests, as well as for the development of new polymers and to test their processability.

  • MICROEX BLOWN, a benchtop machine for blown film, that allows the simulation of the blown extrusion process. In its 3- or 5-layer version, it is perfect for testing different structures of multilayer films, including barrier films, for packaging, food and medical applications.

On the MICROEX line, thanks to the implementation of MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) technology, it is possible to further enhance film quality through molecular orientation, thus improving mechanical strength, thermal stability, and barrier properties.

These two machines work in great synergy with different materials like recycled PET, or biopolymers such as PLA and PHA, respecting both sustainability and the ecological transition standards. Additionally, they can also process compounds with carbon or natural fibers for the production of innovative and lightweight materials for the aerospace and automotive sectors.

The unique synergy created among the Syncro Group members has allowed for the development of a range of products aimed at reducing waste and increasing production quality. Moreover, EUR.EX.MA MICROEX machines can be equipped with the visual inspection system from Syncro and Acelabs: EYES! This enables them to detect and classify all commonly known defects, forming an excellent union for the quality control of recycled polymers.




Thanks to the experience of the companies SYNCRO, PLASMAC, PLANTECH-CST, ACELABS, EUR.EX.MA, and SB DRY Syncro Group is one of the leading providers of automation for extrusion, quality control systems, material handling and storage, defect measurement, recycling line and laboratory and pilot lines.

The Syncro Group operates 9 manufacturing plants in addition to the branches in the USA, Brazil, China, Japan, and India.

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